Since 1974, we’ve been building golf clubs under AGW name brand. We’re committed and passionate about providing the highest quality equipment for
all types of golfers and wallets.

At AGW, the majority of our exposure is free. We receive constant endorsements from happy and satisfied golfers who play AGW. The top Professional Fitters in the world recognize AGW as the best quality and best performing Custom ProLine. The top independent testing companies continually give us awards and top reviews. These reviews and awards are a direct result of performance and quality, not sizzle. Our media coverage has been extremely heavy given we don’t advertise. AGW is played on every professional tour and in every category of clubs, except putters. Even our tour presence is free: the tour players playing our clubs do so by choice, not for pay. AGW’s main focus continues to rely on word-of-mouth endorsements and concentrate on providing the best performing equipment.


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